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Horiba SLFA-60-6000
HORIBA introduces the new standard of sulfur-in-oil analyzers, the SLFA-60 and 6000 series. These instruments feature new software and hardware to meet the growing challenges in the petroleum industry. This compact and accurate analyzers meet the needs of anyone wishing to conform to ASTM D4294, ISO 8754 or JIS K2541/B7995.
Ultima Expert ICP-OES

The new Ultima Expert is a unique combination of ultimate performance with comprehensive assistance tools designed to simplify method development. Ultima Expert integrates high efficiency Jobin Yvon optical design capable to achieve optimal performance for a large variety of sample types
and matrices.

Horiba LabRam Soleil
The result of 50 years of innovation by leading instrument manufacturer HORIBA Scientific, the LabRAM Soleil™ multimodal microscope has been designed with application experts to supercharge your analysis and set the new standard for Raman imaging and spectroscopy. It features advanced automation allowing a true self-operation.
Horiba MESA-50
HORIBA has now developed the new MESA-50 EDXRF analyzer, based on its long experience with customer requirements and knowledge. MESA-50 provides user friendly operation and good performance. MESA-50 includes three analysis diameters, suitable for every sample, from thin cables and electronic parts to bulk samples. The combination of SDD detector and Digital pulse processor(DPP) changes the image of EDXRF.
Horiba GD-Profiler 2
The GD-Profiler 2™ provides fast, simultaneous analysis of all elements of interest including the gases nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen and chlorine. It is an ideal tool for thin and thick films characterization and process studies. Equipped with an RF source that can operate in pulsed mode for fragile samples, the range of applications of the GD-Profiler 2™ goes from corrosion studies to PVD coating process control, from thin film PV development to LED Quality Control and it is used in Universities as well as in Industrial Research laboratories.
Horiba XGT-9000

* Next evolution of micro-X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy ultimate performance in speed and flexibility
* Higher sensitivity and wider detection range by new detection systems
* Dual types of detectors for fluorescent X-rays and transmission X-rays
≥15 µm spot size with an ultra-high intensity capillary
* High-resolution cameras and multiple illumination modes
* Flexible & user-friendly software interface

Horiba FluoroMax-Plus

The FluoroMax® Plus represents HORIBA’s industry-leading fluorometer performance in a convenient, affordable, easy-to-use benchtop model. The FluoroMax family, with its unique all reflective optics and photon counting was the first to bring the sensitivity of a modular fluorometer to a tabletop fluorescence instrument, in the 1990’s.

It’s a compact spectrofluorometer, yet offers the ultimate sensitivity in fluorescence investigations as well as features not found in most table-top fluorescence detection systems.

The FluoroMax Plus is the latest generation of the original, high performance tabletop fluorometer, which offers extended performance with detection of emission spectra out to 1700 nm and (TCSPC) Time Correlated Single Photon Counting lifetime measurements as short as 25ps.

FluoroMax Plus spectrofluorometers are the most senstive, flexible and trusted benchotop spectrofluorometers in the world.

EMIA-Pro Carbon-Sulfur Analyzer - HORIBA

The EMIA-Pro Carbon/Sulfur Analyzer provides exceptional accuracy, streamlined maintenance and user-friendly software enhancements that enable efficient measurements. Its reduced cycle time also helps to accelerate development and manufacturing speed.

Typical Applications:
– Energy: Materials for lithium-ion battery, fuel cell, electrolyzer
– Electric parts
– Ceramics
– Semiconductor: Silicon, poly-silicon, GaN
– Steel and non-ferrous alloy (metallurgy): Iron, copper, nickel, aluminum, zinc, tungsten carbide
– Mineral: Cokes, lime stone, coal, silicone, rare-metal
– Others: Catalyst, rubber, carbon black, silica, cement

* For even higher measurement accuracy and lower detection limit, we also offer the EMIA-Expert Carbon/Sulfur Analyzer (Flagship High-Accuracy Model).

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