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Our product portfolio is able to cover a wide range of applications: Materials Science, Energy, Metallurgy, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Cosmetics, Petroleum, Plastics, Semiconductors, Biotechnology & Biomedical, Biopharma, Forensics, Environment, Chemistry, Automotive & Aeronautics and so on.

Materials science is focused on the exploration and creation of new and sophisticated materials. Climax Scientific provides an extensive selection of analytical tools suitable for various materials such as nanomaterials, biomaterials, ceramics, metals, polymers, glasses and many others. Equipped with specialized application knowledge, Climax Scientific delivers unmatched instrument dependability, precision, and sensitivity. Leveraging cutting-edge data science, we offer reliable solutions for your most intricate materials research challenges.

Climax Scientific delivers high end analytical tools spanning numerous energy-related applications, such as monitoring sulfur in oil, analyzing fuel cells, characterizing photovoltaics and Lithium-ion batteries, among others. The analytical devices proposed by Climax Scientific offer unparalleled reliability, precision, and sensitivity, alongside sophisticated data science techniques, aiding in the advancement of renewable energy sources and enhancing the efficiency of energy production and usage.
Climax Scientific offers a wide range of elemental analyzers used in foundries and metal production facilities, capable of assessing a diverse array of metals including steels, alloys based on iron, aluminium, and copper, along with elements like oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, sulfur, and carbon. Furthermore, Climax Scientific provides analyzers for measuring the size of metal powders and X-Ray fluorescence analyzers for identifying metal compositions, film thickness, and depth profiling of slim metal layers.
Small molecule therapeutics offer diverse administration methods, including pills, capsules, and inhalers. Product quality hinges on component concentration, distribution, and size. Climax Scientific’s array of analytical tools, from advanced particle sizing methods to premier Raman microscopy, provides crucial insights. This suite accelerates development, solves key issues, and is vital for identifying contaminants, encompassing a comprehensive solution for drug development and quality assurance challenges.
With the globalization of the food supply chain, ensuring the safety and integrity of food, beverages, agricultural products, and supplements like oils and spices has become paramount. Climax Scientific offers an array of physical and spectroscopic instruments designed for swift and cost-effective analysis. These include laser diffraction, dynamic light scattering, and NanoTracking for particle measurement, alongside Raman microscopy and A-TEEM fluorescence spectroscopy for precise chemical identification and contamination detection at ultra-low levels, addressing concerns from smoke taint to mold.
Innovative cosmetic product development hinges on understanding biological matrices (skin, hair, teeth), creating effective and safe actives, optimizing formulations, and evaluating performance instrumentally. Climax Scientific’s tools facilitate this, from emulsion and pigment particle sizing, molecular hair analysis, and smart coating functionalization, to formulation stability, substrate spreading, packaging interaction, contamination, nanotoxicity, and the study of skin markers, topical actives penetration, and environmental impacts (UV, blue light, pollution), covering a broad spectrum of cosmetic research needs.

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